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*In the Training Room*

Rocket: So did she asked you out?

Green Spring: I don't know.

Rocket: You should ask her out.

Green Spring: But what about the Dazzlings?

Rocket: Green Spring let me tell you something they be together but sooner or later they all are gonna fall.

Green Spring: True.

*In Atomic's Locker Room*

Atomic: Well lance here we are.

Lance: Yep it's time.

*In the Dazzlings Locker Room*

Gem: Okay Let's go over the plan one more time.

Ariel: Pay attention this time Melody.

Melody: Okay.

Gem: Now we want to known so I got and Idea each one of us will go one on one with other divas that way we be more effctive. Got it?

Ariel & Melody: Got it.
*Intro plays*

*Pyro goes off*

Mike: Thank you and welcome to Friday Night Velocity and tonight is gonna fun!

Rio: Yeah we got matches that are just waiting to get started.

Mike: Let's rock and roll.

*Justin's theme plays*

*bell rings*

T.J.: The following contest is scheduled for one fall introducing first, from Equal Town, Justin Glider!

Mike: The most rising superstar is coming to the ring.

Rio: In the following weeks that we have seen from this kid he is sure championship worthy.

*Evan's theme plays*

T.J.: And his opponent from Ponyville, Evan Rumble!

Mike: Well he haven't seen Evan in action since that match at Extreme Rules so lets see what happens.

*bell rings*

Mike: And here we go with the two high flyers going at it here and both men are already putting it to the test.

Rio: Woah look at Justin go I can't keep up with him.

Mike: Justin went for a dropkick but Evan ducks it and goes for a bull dog.

Rio: And now Evan is in control.

Mike: Well we don't know for sure now because Justin just dive off the ropes and and hits a crossbody on Evan.

Rio: This is just awesome Justin hits a spinning heel kick to Evan and Evan drops down.

Mike: Justin could be going for the 450 splash.

Rio: Now Justin goes to the top rope and goes for the 450 splash but Evan rolls out of the way.

Mike: Justin lands on his and Evan is trying to sneak but oh my! that's a new one.

Rio: I don't know what was that new one.

Mike: What a enziguri bu Justin here's the cover!


*bell rings*

*Justin's theme plays*

T.J.: Your winner, Justin Glider!

Mike: What a move by Justin.

Rio: He got a nice victory off of that.

Mike: And he's been undefeated as of lately.

Rio: Let's see if he can keep this up.

Mike: There will be more action right after this!
Mike: Welcome back to Friday night velocity!

*Jericho's theme plays*
*bell rings*

T.J.: The following contest is schedule for one fall introducing first from Manehatten, Jericho Harshwinney!

Mike: Well we haven't seen Jericho lately so let's see what happens.

*Lucky's theme plays*

T.J.: And his opponent from Ponyville, Lucky Strike!

Mike: And it looks like the young bucks wanna try some singles competition.

Rio: Yeah let's see what Lucky can do.

*bell rings*

Mike: And here we go and this starts off with a struggle and Lucky is in control.

Rio: And Jericho counters with a flapjack.

Mike: And Jericho could be going for the walls of Jericho here but Lucky forces him off and counters with a spine buster.

Rio: This is looking good so far.

Mike: Don't forget Sacrifice is this Sunday but right now Jericho's got Lucky in the walls of Jericho.

Rio: Jericho's trying to get Lucky over and he does he's got him!

Mike: Could Jericho get Lucky to Tap?

Rio: Lucky taps!

*bell rings*

*Jericho's theme plays*

T.J.: The winner of this match, Jericho Harshwhinny!

Mike: What an effort by the both of them.

Rio: Yeah I wanted to see lucky go on here but Jericho had him

Mike: It's gonna be a rough night for Mikel.

Mike: We'll be right back.
Mike: And we're back!

*Goji's theme plays*

*bell rings*

T.J.: The following contest is schedule for one fall introducing first, from Ponyville, Goji!

Mike: Well him and Justin are the only two yet to lose.

Rio: But look at Goji so massive in size I hope he goes easy tonight.

Mike: Well we gotta see first.

*Seth's theme plays*

T.J.: And his opponent from Cloudsdale, Seth Foot!

Mike: Well this can't end well.

Rio: Only thing we can do is just sit back and watch this beatdown.

*bell rings*

Mike: And here we go and Goji is already starting the beatdown.

Rio: ooh there's a spinebuster!

Mike: Gotta be feeling that.

Rio: I know I am.

Mike: And there is body slam and that is followed up by a body drop.

Rio: Ugh....that's gotta hurt.

Mike: And Goji is ending it here.

Rio: Could be going that move.

Mike: And there it is! The Goji Bomb!


*Bell rings*

*Goji's theme plays*

T.J.: The Winner of this match, Goji!

Mike: Two words: Pure Domination.

Rio: Yep.

Mike: Well up next we hear from Green Spring.
Mike: Welcome back!

*Green Spring's theme plays*

T.J.: Pleas welcome at this time the Smoking Skull Champion, Green Spring!

Mike: What a way for the fans to welcome the champ.

Rio: Yeah and I just love it!

Green Spring: *with a mic* Thanks guys I really like that thank you. Now the reason I came out here is to discuss is my match at Sacrifice. But first I know that me and Melody have a nice relationship but Gem and Ariel think differently about it but I just wanted to say this Melody I love you and don't you forget that. Meanwhile about my match I just gotta say one thing I'm gonna be ready. In other words see you guys at sacrifice!

*Green Spring's theme plays*

Mike: I like that.

Rio: Short and sweet and Right to the point

Mike: Thank you guys for joining us tonight and we'll back right here on Friday Night Velocity!

*End of Sow*

Rocket: 350
Rocket: (Rage):12,500
Rocket: (SSJ): 30,500
Rocket: (SSJ2): 25,000
Rocket: (SSJ3): 35,000
Rocket: (SSJ4): 60,000
Rocket: (SSJG): 68,000
Rocket: (SSJGSS): 88,000
Rocket: (Shadow): 120,000

Atomic: 200
Atomic (Magic): 250
Atomic: (Alicorn): 1,000
Atomic: (SSJ): 21,000
Atomic: (SSJ2): 23,000
Atomic: (SSJ3): 30,000
Atomic: (SSJ4): 55,000
Atomic: (SSJG): 60,000
Atomic: (SSJGSS): 75,000

Lance: 250
Lance (SSJ): 20,000
Lance: (SSJ2): 25,000
Lance: (SSJ3): 30,000
Lance: (SSJ4): 50,000
Lance: (SSJG): 60,000
Lance: (SSJGSS): 80,000

Solar: 205
Solar: (Burning Blaze): 300
Solar: (SSJ): 20,000
Solar: (SSJ2): 25,000
Solar: (SSJ3): 30,000
Solar: (SSJ4): 40,000
Solar: (SSJG): 60,000

Mike: 50
Mike: (Rage): 12,500
Mike: (SSJ): 20,000
Mike: (SSJ2): 30,000
Mike: (SSJ3): 35,000
Mike: (SSJ4): 41,000
Mike: (SSJG): 50,000
Mike: (SSJGSS): 60,000

Richard: 100
Richard: (SSJ): 25,000
Richard: (SSJ2): 30,000
Richard: (SSJ3): 35,000
Richard: (SSJ4): 40,000
Richard: (SSJG): 55,000
Richard: (SSJGSS): 60,000

Bobby: 200 
Bobby: (SSJ): 22,000
Bobby: (SSJ2): 28,000
Bobby: (SSJ3) 40,000
Bobby: (SSJ4): 60,000
Bobby: (SSJG): 75,000
Bobby: (SSJGSS): 80,000

Ethan: 290
Ethan: (SSJ): 28,000
Ethan: (SSJ2): 30,000
Ethan: (SSJ3): 35,000
Ethan: (SSJ4): 50,000
Ethan: (SSJG): 60,000
Ethan: (SSJGSS): 85,000

DJ hooves: 40
Tyler Scratch: 100
Amethyst hooves:20
Todd Melody: 5
Zack Heartstrings: 80
Cory Bon: 60
Justin Glider: 120
Angel: 270
Angel: (SSJ): 20,000
Angel: (SSJ2) 30,000
Angel: (SSJ3): 65,000
Mikel: 260
Mikel: (SSJ) 25,000
Mikel: (SSJ2): 30,000

The Dazzlings:
Razor: 200
Razor: (SSJ) 20,000
Razor: (SSJ2): 30,000
Razor: (SSJ3): 50,000
Alex: 150
Alex: (SSJ): 22,000
Alex: (SSJ2): 30,000
Alex: (SSJ3): 40,000
Darius: 250
Darius: (SSJ): 28,000
Darius: (SSJ2): 35,000
Darius: (SSJ3): 40,000
Darius: (SSJ4): 50,000
Darius: (SSJG): 60,000
Darius: (SSJGSS): 80,000

Evan: 290
Evan: (SSJ): 25,000
Evan: (SSJ2): 40,000
Rey: 250
Rey: (SSJ): 20,000
Rey: (SSJ2):35,000
Lucky: 250
Lucky: (SSJ): 28,000
Lucky: (SSJ2): 30,000
Hollow Rocket by zane4321
Hollow Rocket
This is Rocket when he's lost all insanity.

Rocket: *Laughs crazy*

:iconrainbowdashplz: Honey you okay?

Rocket: What is the meaning of Life?

:iconrainbowdashplz: That's it I'm taking you to Twilight maybe she has an explanation. 
ok just got a new hard drive and got 2 games free with it spongebob: Lights,Camera,Pants and Spongebob: Battle For Bikni Bottom 



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Rocket Dash
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
i love kung fu panda and my main is focus on sonic and this. NEXT SOUL EATER COMICS! then on SLY COOPER

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