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My top ten worst T-V episodes by zane4321
My top ten worst T-V episodes
original by :iconsithvampiremaster:

Welp here it is my first top ten. As I look back on cartoons I started to notice something. THEY ALL HAVE BAD EPISODES so I'm counting them down. Oh god what have I gotten my self into.

#10: Uh-oh Canada [King of the Hill]: Well this is new. I've never really seen a bad episode of King of the Hill, Until I saw this one. The episode is about Boomhauer going away and some new people living into his house and mostly the episode is just Hank and Gordon trying to outwit one another and mostly this episode was boring.

#9: Town and Out [PowerPuff Girls]: I'm pretty that if your a PPG like me then probably seen this episode. Yeah this was one that said the Powerpuff girls should move away from Townsville where we know that Townsville is f*cked without them. The episode focus on The professor getting a new job that forces them to move to Citiesville (which can go die) and puts them in a motel. *faceplam* You know I don't wanna do this but I've have to. Anyway as the episode goes on it gets worse and worse if you wanna see the Episode, I warn you it won't be pretty.

#8: Putting your hoof down [MLP: Friendship is Magic] You know if there was top ten worst MLP episodes..... This would be number 1 and i think and any MLP fan would that this is the worst episode of Friendship is Magic. I mean I just can't even stand this one I rather not talk it because I just want to forget this one.

#7 The Return of Slade [Teen Titans Go] Oh boy I get to talk about this one. This is without a doubt the worst show on Cartoon Network. I've never seen a show spit on a franchise as this one. And now the Episode. F*ck this episode when the creators said that Slade was coming back I was happy because this could be the best episode but nope it was a lie to get the "older" fans to watch the show. The episode starts with the alarm and Robin says that Slade is attacking and it makes you think they are gonna fight because there hyping him up but NOPE what the episode is really about is Cyborg and Beast Boy want a clown for a party. F*ck this episode.

#6 Life of Brian [Family Guy] And here we one of the most controversial episodes of Family Guy I can't even look at this episode you like picture brian? no? well too bad because that's sums up the entire episode f*ck. this. show. God I some pudding.

#5 Waffles [Teen Titans Go] *Bangs Head* Nope can't do it f*ck this one.NEXT! Also Waffles is said 188 times YEAH GOOD LUCK WATCHING THIS ONE.

#4 Good Neighbors [Spongebob] You wanna the episode that killed spongebob? This one. This Episode. You know there's a thing called effort I think you need it because You think that Squidward deverses all that punishment? God what is wrong you spongebob? You think that when something is minding their own business, that makes you believe that you should go out and ruin their lives I'm suprised that Squidward hasn't killed him at this point.

#3 Everyone Knows It's Bendy [Foster's home for imaginary friends] Oh. My. God. I can't believe No one knows about this one unless you watch this episode then you know what I'm talking Laurn Faust HATES this episode and I don't blame how does this motherf*cker get away with everything? This motherf*cker was responsible for downfall of Cartoon Network (well not mostly). God this episode sucks!

#2 Screams of Silence [Family Guy] Wow. Seth has done it. This episode shows that Family Guy should not do stuff like this BECAUSE THEY F*CKING SUCK! I don't what the writers even thinking with this one. You know I think Family guy should end otherwise sh*t like this is gonna keep happing and now onto number one oh god. Help me.

#1 One Coarse Meal[Spongebob] Let's face it you knew this one was coming so why even bother? You know this wasn't my pick but after seeing how bad this one is I couldn't ignore it. Are You Kidding me? A suicide joke? Oh yeah let's have plankton kill himself! Cause you know for kids! HOW IS THIS FOR KIDS?! HEY WRITERS I THINK YOU MIGHT BE F*CKED IN THE HEAD IF YOU THINK THAT PLANKTON DOING SUICIDE FUNNY?! God f*ck this episode. F*ck now I need some pudding.
Flames @ Panthers

Broncos @ Raiders

Knights @ Ducks

Brusiers @ Tigers

Rattlers @ Talons

Jackrabbits @ Greats

Shadowbolts @ Rockets

Punishers @ Snowhawks

Tridents @ Thunderbolts

Sunbirds @ Spartans

Warriors @ Firecats
North Division:
1.United Flames: 3-0
1.Chicago Talons: 3-0
3.Saxon Sunbirds: 1-2
4.Roblox Warriors: 0-3
East Division:
1.Corinth Spartans: 1-2
1.Roblox Panthers: 1-2
4.Rektshire Rattlers: 0-3
4.Pemberley Punishers: 0-3
West Division:
1.Joston Jackrabbits: 2-1
1.Empire Knights: 2-1
1.Barton Brusiers: 2-1
4.Tampa Bay Tigers: 1-2
North Division:
1.Ponyville Broncos: 3-0
1.Philadelphia Griffons: 3-0
1.Cloudsdale Thunderbolts: 3-0
4.Crystal Prep Shadowbolts: 2-1
East Division:
1.Acmetropolis Rockets: 3-0
2.Florida Firecats: 2-1
3.Redcliff Raiders: 1-2
4.Canton Greats: 0-3
West Division:
1.Korblox Snowhawks: 2-1
1.San Francisco Tridents: 2-1
3.Millikan Rams: 1-2
3.Dansville Ducks: 1-2
Tigers: 0 Flames: 31

Raiders: 38 Punishers: 7

Rams: 7 Tridents: 40

Knights: 35 Greats: 3

Firecats: 7 Griffons: 37

Shadowbolts: 34 Panthers: 14

Broncos: 42 Sunbirds: 14

Rockets: 49 Warriors: 28

Jackrabbits: 21 Snowhawks: 35

Thunderbolts: 37 Ducks: 10

Brusiers: 38 Rattlers: 21

Talons: 56 Spartans: 35
EWA No Limits Match Card by zane4321
EWA No Limits Match Card
United States Championship

Akira vs Darius Blaze (c)

Intercontinental Championship

Tech Dust vs Firecracker Swift (c)

Tag Team Championship

The Cloudchasers vs The Young Bucks (c)

6-man Ultimate X Match

Alex Dusk vs Ethan Shimmer vs Jet Zap vs Michael Shy vs Akito vs Rocket Dash (c)

Smoking Skull Championship

CreepyJake vs Green Spring (c)

World Heavyweight Championship

Kazo Shimmer vs Lance Storm (c)

I quit match for the EWA Championship

Kyle Zest vs Atomic Flash (c)

P.S. Kyle Zest is the Same Kyle.
Did anyone see the Shadow Jago trailer cause it was AWESOME I could not believe what I saw Shago was going crazy in Trailer and if didn't see it you should cause it was BADASS.



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i love kung fu panda and my main is focus on sonic and this. NEXT SOUL EATER COMICS! then on SLY COOPER

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