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*In Akito's Locker Room*

Akito: So this is my Locker Room? Nice.

*Knock on door*

Akito: Who could that be?


Akito: Yes?

Gem: Hello my name is Gem and these two are Ariel and Melody.

Melody: Hi.

Ariel: Sup.

Akito: (I can already tell where this is going just play along Akito.)

Gem: We was think maybe you can help us out.

Akito: With what?

Ariel: Help win the Divas title for us.

Akito: I've barely been in here for 24 hours and you expect me to help you win a title?

Gem: Well not that.

Akito: Then what?

Gem: (Don't say boyfriend, Don't say boyfriend, Don't say boyfriend!)

Ariel: Support us.

Akito: Excuse me?

Melody: We need help becoming better and we were thinking you join us.

Akito: Um? no.

Gem: Well then give us a call if you change your mind.

Akito: Okay.

Melody: Bye.

Akito: What was there problem?

Melody: How was that Gem?

Gem: Sloppy but were almost there.

Ariel: Girls I hate to say this but I'm in love with him.

Gem & Melody: WHAT?!

*In Angel's Locker room*

Angel: Tonight was nice Rocket.

Rocket: Hey I just wanted to take my girl out for something nice better go pack up.

Angel: Thank you. *Kisses*

Rocket: *Leaves*

Angel: Man someday.

Rebel: Hello Angel.

Angel: Aw crap. What do you want Rebel?

Rebel: Oh nothing this *Attacks Angel* You like that huh do ya?

Rocket: Woah what the heck? Angel you okay?

Rebel: She'll be fine.

Rocket: Get out the HELL OUT!

Rebel: Oh my! How dare you speak like that to a lady!

Rocket: I wouldn't define you as a lady I define you as a Bitch!

Soarin Jr: Woah what's going on here?

Rocket: What's going on here is that your girlfriend went crazy.

Rebel: He called the B word.

Soarin Jr.: Come on man.

Rocket: You know your lucky she not injured.

Angel: No I'm fine that felt good in a way help me with my back problem.

Rebel: ( Crap.)

Soarin Jr.: okay how bout we just leave.

Rocket: Yeah that could work.
*Intro Plays*

*pyro goes off*

Thomas: Thank you and welcome to Friday Night Velocity I'm Thomas Blaze along with my Partner Leo Dusk and Leo it looks like were handling Velocity!

Leo: I know what can be more awesome?

Thomas: Well how about tonight's matches?

Leo: That too!

*Dolph's theme plays*

*bell rings*

T.J.: The following contest is an Ultimate X match qualifying match scheduled for one fall introducing first from Manehatten, Dolph Seed!

Thomas: Well Dolph has been training lately.

Leo: Let's see if it pays off.

*Jet's theme plays*

T.J.: And his opponent from Fillydelphia, Jet Zap!

Thomas: Well Leo, We have the Son of Indigo Zap debuting here.

Leo: And by judging he looks confindent.

*Bell rings*

Thomas: And here we go with our first match of the night and Leo care to give us on what happening?

Leo: Well we got three X division matches and then Green Spring speaks for the first time.

Thomas: And now Jet is in control.

Leo: There's a takedown by Jet and Dolph is trying to fight out of it.

Thomas: The story of Dolph and what he had to do as to get where he is.

Leo: Yeah, but now Dolph fights is off and hits Jet with a clothsline.

Thomas: And now Dolph begins to drop the elbows.

Leo: And here's the cover.

1...2...Jet kicks out.

Thomas: And Jet kicks out and Dolph quickly goes for his finisher!

Leo: But Jet counters it and goes for his finisher!

Thomas: He calls that C4.

Leo: Liking it already!


*bell rings*

*Jet's theme plays*

T.J.: The winner of this match Jet Zap!

Thomas: So I guess Jet moves on.

Leo: And what a performance by the both of them.

Thomas: And there's more action coming up next!
Thomas: And Welcome back to Friday Night Velocity!

*Mike's theme plays*

*bell rings*

T.J.: The following contest is a X Division Qualifying match is scheduled for one fall introducing first from ponyville, he is the Game, Michael Shy!

Thomas: Or you can him Mike for short.

Leo: True, but Michael is better.

Thomas: Can't argue with that.

*Soarin Jr's theme plays*

T.J.: And his opponent from Cloudsdale, Soarin Jr!

Thomas: And what it seems like now that Soarin Jr is now taking apart in this.

Leo: Well he knows that this wont be easy.

*bell rings*

Thomas: And here we go this match and Soarin Jr. is taking to Mike right now.

Leo: And there's a Irish whip from Jr but Mike counters it into a knee.

Thomas: Michael is turning this his way but Jr makes sure that's not happening.

Leo: This is turning out to be good.

Thomas: Indeed Leo, and Right now Here comes a Spinebuster from Michael and he well be calling it.

Leo: That's why he's called the game.

Thomas: Michael now tries to go for the Pedigree but Jr counters it and tries to go for the Driver!

Leo: Burt Michael fights out goes for another Spinebuster and hits it!

Thomas: Here goes Michael going for the Pedigree again.

Leo: Connects!


*bell rings*

*Michael's theme plays*

T.J.: Your winner The Game, Michael Shy!

Thomas: Well Michael moves on and that's it for X Division matches.

Leo: Yeah Chris will give out the last man to enter the Ultimate X match this Sunday.

Thomas: Up next Solar is gonna speak out.
Thomas: Were back!

*Solar's theme plays*

T.J.: Please welcome at this time Solar Lane!

Thomas: I wonder what he has to say.

Leo: Me too.

Solar: *Grabs a mic* Welcome everybody to something I like to call The Cutting Edge. How's everybody doing? *crowd cheers*

Thomas: Nice crowd response

Solar: Well I'm been thinking lately why haven't got a title shot? well it took me to do sometime and I came up with a solution. Basically what I'm saying is this I want a shot at the world title or the EWA title which I don't care which one because I'm not gonna sit in the back and let things go by me so Nick I hope you listening real good I want a title shot. So it means that I'm not gonna wait I-

*Akito's theme plays*

Thomas: Whoa who is that?

Leo: I don't know!

Thomas: Well he's sure getting a reaction from the fans.

Akito: *Grabs a mic* Sounds like someone a bit too jumpy.

Solar: Excuse I must be seeing things but who the heck are you?

Akito: My name is Akito The Bloodedge.

Solar: Akito The Bloodedge, well let me tell you something I don't care who you are and where your from.

Akito: That's fine by me.

Thomas: Whoa!

Leo: Akito is attacking Solar!

Thomas: And he calls that Carnage Scissors.

*Akito's theme plays*

Thomas: Well Akito has certainly made a debut.

Leo: Not to mention a statement.

Thomas: Up next is our main event.
Thomas: And were back.

*Evan' theme plays*

*bell rings*

T.J.: The following contest is scheduled for one fall introducing first from ponyville, Evan Rumble!

Thomas: Well we haven't seen Evan in a while.

Leo: That's true considering the fact that he got messed up in that Ladder Match back at Extreme Rules.

*Rey's theme plays*

T.J.: And his opponent from ponyville, he is one half of the Tag Team Champions, Representing the Young Bucks, Rey Mash!

Thomas: Well this is Rey's first single match.

Leo: I cant wait.

*bell rings*

Thomas: And here we go with our main event and Rey is starting already look at him!

Leo: My celestia he's flying all over the place!

Thomas: But Evan see this coming and hits a dropkick.

Leo: And Right when Rey was going for a Ax Handle.

Thomas: And Evan hits a legdrop and goes for a cover.

1...2...Rey kicks out.

Leo: And there's a kickout.

Thomas: Well Evan trying to get back into the shape of things and he's doing quite well.

Leo: Yeah and just right now Evan hits a Suplex on Rey.

Thomas: And now Evan Throws Rey outside where Evan Files and takes Rey out.

Leo: Man did you see him?

Thomas: Yes I did.

Leo: And now Evan Throws Rey back into the Ring where Rey catches him by hitting a drop kick.

Thomas: Now Rey hits a enziguri on Evan and Evan is Dazed.

Leo: Rey's calling for it I think were gonna see the 619!

Thomas: It could be that way because Rey sets it up.

Leo: But wait Evan dodges it and hits the Dragon Suplex!

Thomas: Here's the cover!


*bell rings*

*Evan's theme plays*

T.J.: The winner of this match, Evan Rumble!

Thomas: And just like that one mistake cost Rey the match.

Leo: But I got a feeling that it ain't over.

Thomas: Thanks for tuning see you next week!
EWA: Friday Night Velocity EP.6
Finally this one is up sorry it took so long.
Endoken ( A Fireball that can be fire twice when in instinct mode)

Windkick (Can be surged)

Ninja Slide

Laser sword


Roundhouse kick

Instinct Mode: Gets and aura that allows to recover some health and move double damage

Ultimate Ender (Shadow Rocket finisher)

Shadow Surge (Allow Rocket to double his moves and can fire a Endoken in the air)

Dive kick
Rocket/Shadow Rocket moveset
 EDIT: Forgot to add this

Dark Fury- Allows Shadow Rocket to go into a "berserk" state

Overhead kick

Dark Stalking- Unknown
*in the Dazzlings locker room*

Gem: Well done Melody you got us our first win.

Ariel: At least I tried.

Gem: Tried and failed.

Ariel: But she had Green Spring by her side.

Gem: True, but maybe he can be useful to us.

Melody: (I don't like where this is going.)

Gem: That's it if we can get Green Spring to be at ringside at all her matches, then we can get more wins that way.

Ariel: You sure?

Gem: I'm sure.

Melody: Um, Green Spring is already at ringside to all my matches.

Gem: What?

Ariel: What?

Melody: Yeah and were dating.

Gem & Ariel: WHAT!

Melody: Bad timing?

*Green Spring walks in*

Green Spring: Hey Melody I just wondering if you were ready and.......Too soon?

Melody: No Green Spring I'm ready.

Green Spring: Ok then let's go.

Gem: She is dating him?

Ariel: I don't know what to say.

*In Rocket's Locker Room*

Angel: Hey Rocket I was thinking maybe we can go out sometime?

Rocket: Sure what did you have in mind?

Angel: Well there is this nice place I want to go to.

Rocket: Okay.

Angel: *Squee*

Rocket: (I love this chick.)

*Atomic's locker room*

Mike: Hey Atomic you clam?

Atomic: Yeah.

Mike: Okay good then.

Atomic: Well then what did you come for?

Mike: Just to ask you who is gonna be your next opponent?

Atomic: Well it's gonna be a rematch.

Mike: (Crap didn't see that coming.) Oh okay. bye!

Atomic: Well that was weird and we got new rookies coming here including Ethan's brother. Oh crap and my brother too. Crap.

*In Zack's locker room*

Justin: Man that sucks.

Evan: I know right?

Zack: And the worst part about this, I don't know when he'll be back.

Lucky: Well given the punishment, I say not that long.

Zack: Do you think he'll miss the Royal Rumble?

Rey: Not likely.

Evan: Okay so wait what is this Royal Rumble?

Justin: We'll just wait and see.

Zack: Thanks guys.
EWA: Backstage fallout EP.13
What are Gem and Ariel planning?
From the update of :iconultimatealifeform:

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