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*In the GM Office*

Nicholas: So give me one good reason why we should take you.

Superstar: Well, I love wrestling, love the crowd,and I wanna be champion.

Nicholas: *laughs* congrats man you hired.

Superstar: Yes! EWA here I come!

Nicholas: But, I have to test ya first.

Superstar: Okay? What do I have to do?

Nicholas: I'm going to put you in a series of Test matches each week if you beat three people on our roster, You'll be added in to next PPV, Sacrifice. Deal?

Superstar: Deal.

*In Rocket's locker room*

Rocket: 2 more weeks till I get that X Division Championship and who are you too?

Random Girl: OMG IT'S HIM can we have you autograph?

Rocket: Um Sure.

Random Girl: *squees*

Rocket: Okay?

*In the Dazzlings Locker room*

Gem: Girls we need a plan.

Melody: How about we get...

Gem: Melody please don't...

Melody: Fine.

Ariel: Well It'll have to something that Angel loves....Rocket!

Gem: That's it! Wait? where did Melody go?

Ariel: She probably went to get tacos or something.

Gem: Yeah your right.

*In Green Spring's Locker room*

*knock on door*

Green Spring: ? Hello?

Melody: Hi your the new kid right?

Green Spring: Yeah name's Green Spring.

Melody: Green Spring huh? Nice name welcome to EWA.

Green Spring: Thx.

*kisses on cheek*

Green Spring: Thx.

Melody: A little something from me. Bye!

*In Applefilps locker room*

Applefilp: Copy Cat, don't think you won this battle because I just started a war and I will get my revenge.
*Intro plays*

*pyro goes off*

Mike: Thanks Mares and Colts! And welcome to Monday Night Nitro! I'm Mike along with my partner Rio Dazzle and tonight we got a show for you!

Rio: Yeah tonight 3 rookies are debuting and plus Rocket goes one on one with the champ.

Mike: Well we can't keep them waiting here we go!

*Soarin Jr's theme plays*

T.J.: Please welcome at this Soarin Jr.!

Mike: Well the champ seems to be proud of what he did.

Rio: Yeah seems to quite proud.

Soarin Jr.: *Grabs a mic* Well seems to me that I have a problem Swift seems to alligned him self with Evan. Well Swift can do whatever he want because he knows that I'm better than him at everyway possible.

*crowd boos*

Soarin Jr.: Well can boo all you but since I'm the champ I can what I want when I want, so uh...If you excuse me, Rebel and I will get to back and work up a plan.

*Chris's theme plays*

Chris: Hold up! Hold up! Hold up! Now Jr. don't think your getting the night off, because you have a match and that match is right now!

Soarin Jr.: Wait you can't do this!

Chris: I just did.

Mike: Wow! did you hear that Rio?

Rio: Yep there's no way Jr. is getting out of this one.

Mike: Well who is the opponent find out next!
Mike: Well welcome back and Chris made this match between Soarin Jr. and A mysterious opponent.

Rio: Well who is it?

*Green spring's theme plays*

*bell rings*

T.J.: the following contest schedule for one fall introducing first, From ponyville, Green Spring!

Mike: Well I can tell from Soarin's face that he is not happy.

Rio: Well like or not he has to compete tonight.

*bell rings*

Mike: And here we go with our first match of the night.

Rio: And look what's going on Jr is already beating down Green Spring!

Mike: Well Green Spring is not having it and follows it with a nice series of clothslines and ends it with a nice belly-to-back suplex here's the cover!

1...2...Soarin kicks out

Mike: And Soarin kicks out at two.

Rio: Well things might look out bad for the champ.

Mike: Yeah he's gotta pull something out real quick.

Rio: Woah look at Green Spring!

Mike: Woah! Nice brainbuster never seen that before.

1...2...Soarin kicks out

Mike: How the heck did he kick out of that?

Rio: I don't know.

Mike: Well Green Spring look's to be going for his finisher!

Rio: Here it comes!

Mike: Dreamstreet!


*bell rings*

*Green Spring's theme plays*

T.J.: Your winner, Green Spring!

Mike: What a debut by him.

Rio: Well I guess Soarin Jr. might just go home.

Mike: Well I guess your right, But up next is Rocket and The Champ!
Mike: Welcome back to Monday Night Nitro.

*Rocket's theme plays*

*bell rings*

T.J.: The following contest is schedule for one fall Introducing First, from ponyville, The Phenomenal One, Rocket Dash!

Mike: Well on Velocity Rocket had to guest ref a match between Angel and Rebel.

Rio: Yeah Rocket said we was going to call it down the middle and he did his job very well.

*Evan's theme plays*

T.J.: And his opponent, From ponyville, he is the X Division Champion, Evan Rumble!

Mike: And Rio It will be Sunday that Evan and Rocket will go one on one in a Ladder match for the X Division Championship.

Rio: Oh mike! don't forget our new match added in.

Mike: Yeah, It's gonna be CreepyJAKE and Green Spring in a I Quit Match for the Smoking Skull Championship! Now the only to win this match to beat your opponent down so badly that will we be forced to say the words I Quit.

Rio: This is Green Spring's first title match. This is one in a lifetime for both of these men.

*bell rings*

Mike: And here we go an Extreme Rules preview.

Rio: I can't wait!

Mike: And It's Evan starting things off with a nice headlock but Rocket counters it and hits the rolling lariet!

Rio: Here's the cover!

1...2...Evan kicks out

Mike: And Evan kicks out at two,now Rocket picks up Evan lands the fireman's carry neckbreaker.

Rio: Very effective. Vintage Rocket right here.

Mike: Vintage? I like the sound of that, but wait a minute here's a jumping knee drop by Rocket.

Rio: But watch out here comes Evan!

Mike: Nice Dropkick by Evan but wait a minute Rocket counters with a Kip-Up Frankensteiner.

Rio: Back and Fourth action going on.

Mike: Very indeed my friend, Rocket and Evan still going at it here on Nitro!
Mike: Welcome back to Monday Night Nitro were Rocket And Evan are still going here and Look out!

Rio: Woah!

Mike: What a dive by Rocket and now both men are on the floor.

Rio: And the Ref's starting to count.

Mike: Rocket Drags both him and Evan to Rings stopping the count.

Rio: And Evan is trying to show some light here.

Mike: Rocket gets Evan with the Enziguri, but Evan hits his Atomic Drop on Rocket and tries to go for a clothsline but Rocket counters with the Pele Kick!

Rio: Rocket's calling it!

Mike: Here comes the Styles Clash and it connects!


*bell rings*

*Rocket's theme plays*

T.J.: Your winner, The Phenomenal, Rocket Dash!

Mike: Well I guess we know what's gonna happen at Extreme Rules but with Ladders this time.

Rio: Yep.

Mike: Well there's more action coming up so stay tuned folks!
Mike: And Welcome back to Monday Night Nitro!

*Applefilp's theme plays*

*bell rings*

T.J.: The following contest is schedule for one fall Introducing first, From Ponyville, Applefilp!

Mike: Another person who answer the call.

Rio: And judging form the look this guy doesn't play around.

*Copy cat's theme plays*

T.J.: And his opponent, From Cloudsdale, Copy Cat!

Mike: Well Copy cat here better be on his game tonight because Applefilp here is no joke.

Rio: Yeah no kidding.

*bell rings*

Mike: And here we go and Oh my! A big boot from Applefilp here!

Rio: Wow here's the cover!

1...2...Copy cat kicks out

Mike: Close to be over right there.

Rio: Yeah your right but Applefilp here needs to do more damage if wants the win.

Mike: Here comes the Belly-to-back suplex and that is following up by german suplex.

Rio: Copy cat gotta pull of something here.

Mike: But Applefilp is already calling it here comes the F5!

Rio: But Wait a minute Copy Cat counters into a DDT!

Mike: Nice counter he seize the moment looks like he's going to the top rope!

Rio: Frog Splash!

Mike: The Cover!


*bell rings*

*Copy cat's theme plays*

Rio: Kid's hurt, but he manage to pull of an upset.

Mike: You think now that Applefilp is gonna get revenge?

Rio: Possibly Anything can happen here in EWA.

Mike: And up next is our main event!
Mike: And welcome back to Monday Night Nitro!

*Lance's theme plays*

*bell rings*

T.J.: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall introducing first, from Ponyville, He is the World Heavyweight Champion, Lance Storm!

Mike: Well this the First time seeing the champ in action.

*Atomic's theme plays*

T.J.: And his partner, from ponyville, The Icon, Atomic Flash!

Mike: Well both these men have matches at Extreme Rules.

Rio: Yep, Lance Storm in that Fatal-4-way match and Atomic in that Extreme Rules Match.

*Richard's theme plays*

T.J.: And Their opponent, From Ponyville, Richard Lane!

Mike: Well last week Richard lost to Bobby in that main event.

Rio: Well Mike it seems to Richard that it looks he won that match.

*Solar's theme plays*

T.J.: And his opponent, From Ponyville, The Rated R Superstar, Solar Lane!

Mike: And finally we get to see Solar in action.

*bell rings*

Mike: And here we go with our main event it's Lance and Richard starting things off and Richard's got Lance in headlock.

Rio: And Lance is trying to fight it

Mike: Now Richard tags in Solar and there we see the double team working.

Rio: Yeah Richard and Solar must've had a gameplan before this match started.

Mike: There's a suplex by Solar and he follows it up by stomping on Lance.

Rio: And look at Atomic he's trying to get in this thing.

Mike: Lance is trying get to his partner and he dropckicks Solar in the process.

Rio: Trying to reach his partner and.....he got it!

Mike: In comes Atomic and Solar tags in Richard and Atomic takes down Richard twice and is ending right now!

Rio: Here it comes!

Mike: Scorpin Death Drop!


*bell rings*

T.J.: Your Winners, The Icon Atomic Flash and The World Heavyweight Champion, Lance Storm!

Mike: Well these got the job done.

Rio: Well now we know what gonna happen at Extreme Rules.

Mike: The Road to Extreme Rules is getting closer, but tune in next week for some more action!

*end of show*
*In the GM office*

Chris: It is honor that You Three have join EWA.

Green Spring: Heck thanks for putting up the offer.

Applefilp: All I care about is being champion.

Copycat: Well you're gonna wait okay because who knows you might have a title reign last shorter than anyone.

Appleflip: If i could right now I would F5 you right now!

Chris: Okay clam down here sign these three contracts and you're in.

Green Spring: There.

Applefilp: Here.

Copycat: There we go.

Chris: Thank you and welcome to EWA.

*In Rebel's locker room*

Rebel: I can't believe it I lost to her!

Soarin Jr.: Hey clam down look you'll get her next time.

Rebel: Well me and The Dazzlings have a plan.

Soarin Jr.: Well I am not part of this.

Rebel: You're not.

*In Evan's locker room*

Firecracker: Hey Evan!

Evan: What?

Firecracker: I need a partner.

Evan: I thought that Hurricane was your partner.

Firecracker: He was till he got injured so what?

Evan: Yeah I'll be your partner.

Firecracker: Good.

Evan: Oh yeah put on this.

Firecracker: Um okay?

*In Rocket's Locker Room*

Rocket: Thank celestia it's over now i can finally get back on focusing on match with Evan.
*Intro plays*

*Pyro goes off*

Mike: Hello and Welcome to Friday Night Velocity I'm Mike along with my Partner Rio,and we have a crowd just waiting to get started.

Rio: Your right Mike.

*D.J.'s theme plays*

*bell rings the following contest is schedule for one fall introducing first, from Ponyville, D.J. Whooves!

Mike: Well this is the first time were D.J. in action

Rio: Yeah I wonder if this win for him gets him noticed

Mike: That is if it happens

*Alex's theme plays*

T.J.: And from Ponyville, Alex Dusk!

Mike: Last week we saw Alex almost get lucky

Rio: Yeah but it doesn't matter to him

*bell rings*

Mike: And here we go kicking off this match and Alex is trying to get a handshake from D.J. but and ooh! D.J. is not gonna buy it

Rio: D.J. starts beating the heck out of Alex

Mike: Shots to midsection by D.J. and he Irish whips Alex and hits the clothsline!

Rio: Man Alex got Rocked


*bell rings*

*D.J.'s theme plays*

Mike: Well that was quick

Rio: Yeah there was no contest on that one

Mike: Well there's more action coming up so stay tuned!
Mike: Welcome back to Friday Night Velocity!

*Justin's theme plays*

*bell rings*

T.J.: The following contest is scheduled for one fall introducing first from equal town, Justin Glider!

Mike: How bout that win last week?

Rio: Yeah I mean he was all over the place but tonight let's see what he can do tonight

*Techdust's theme plays*

T.J.: And his opponent from Cloudsdale, Tech Dust!

Mike: Well I can tell you Rio this looks like a good one

Rio: Yeah both competitors look ready

*bell rings*

Mike: And here we go it's Justin starting things off and he takes down Tech with a headlock

Rio: I'm already liking this so far

Mike: Tech Dust now fights off the headlock and Justin misses with the clothsline but Tech hits him with a forearm smash

Rio: Here comes the suplex

Mike: Snap suplex by Tech Dust,Into the cover

1...2...Justin kicks out

Mike: And Justin kicks out at 2

Rio: Tech's gotta do more damage if wants this win

Mike: Tech Dust bounces off the ropes could be looking for that senton but he misses And Justin from outta nowhere hits the tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!

Rio: Here comes the 450 Splash!

Mike: Justin hits the 450 Splash cover!


*bell rings*

*Justin's theme plays*

T.J.: Your winner Justin Glider!

Mike: Well that look like one for the ages

Rio: No kidding some very good effort from both competitors

Mike: Well Rio we now go backstage to Todd

*Camera pans to Todd*

Todd: Thanks guys and please welcome my guest at this time, Rocket Dash, Now Rocket tonight you have to be a guest ref for a divas match how do feel about that?

Rocket: Well Todd I can't say much about it but one things for sure I'm calling this match down the middle

Todd: Thanks Rocket

*Camera pans to arena*

*Razor's theme plays*

*bell rings*

T.J.: The following contest is schedule for one fall introducing first from ponyville, Razor Dazzle!

Mike: Well this is odd place seeing that Razor wants compete here tonight

Rio: Well Mike I can agree with you on that

*Goji's theme plays*

T.J.: And his opponent from Ponyville, Goji!

Mike: Look at this guy

Rio: Yeah I think my little brother is scared

*bell rings*

Mike: And Razor is now firing off shots but look out!

Rio: Oh my!

Mike: What a clothsline by Goji! And he follows it up with a nice belly-to-belly suplex

Rio: Man that's gotta hurt

Mike: And here comes his finisher

Rio: What is that move called?

Mike: It's called the Spirit Bomb here's the cover!


*bell rings*

*Goji's theme plays*

T.J.: Your winner, Goji!

Mike: Wow talk about a debut

Rio: Yeah no kidding I want to see more of this guy

Mike: Well up next is our main event so stay tuned!
Mike: Welcome back to Friday night velocity!

*Rocket's theme plays*

T.J.: At this time please welcome the guest referee The Phenomenal One Rocket Dash!

Mike: Well Rocket is in a bad spot here

Rio: Yeah I mean this match he has to ref and Angel and Rebel all I know is that Rocket has one job tonight

Mike: Your right there Rio

*Rebel's theme plays*

*bell rings*

T.J.: The following contest is schedule for one fall introducing First, from ponyville, Rebel!

Mike: Well the less we say about Rebel the better

Rio: *Laughs* yeah your Right Mike

*Angel's theme plays*

T.J.: And Her opponent, From Ponyville, She is the Divas Champion Angel!

Mike: And here comes the champ she is looking focus tonight

Rio: Yeah this match is all on her mind

*bell rings*

Mike: Here we go and looks this Angel is going for a quick cover!


*bell rings*

*Angel's theme plays*

T.J.: Your winner, The Divas Champion Angel!

Mike: Wow Just like that!

Rio: Wait, that's it?!

Mike: Yeah And Rebel wants a rematch

Rio: Looks like she's done with her

Mike: Well what will happen next week on Velocity Tune in Next Week!

*end of show*
ok just got a new hard drive and got 2 games free with it spongebob: Lights,Camera,Pants and Spongebob: Battle For Bikni Bottom 



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i love kung fu panda and my main is focus on sonic and this. NEXT SOUL EATER COMICS! then on SLY COOPER

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