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*In the GM office*

Nicholas: I'm so glad that you four have made the choice to join EWA

Justin: Hey I don't care where I am as long that I get to fight

Chavo: Yeah so am I

Zack: Look guys lets not get ahead of ourselves here

Cory: Zack, you shouldn't be one saying that

Nicholas: Okay guys, that's enough but as far as matches and all, your four will go against each other for instance, Justin will go against Zack and Chavo will go against Cory on nitro sound fair?

Justin: Not at all

Zack: I don't min

Chavo: I'm ready to fight

Cory: Well I'm down with anything

*In Lance's Locker room*

Atomic: Lance, as far as I know there's only a 30% percent of you winning

Lance: Atomic, you and I both know that I don't believe in percents or anything involves math

*Bobby walks in*

Bobby: Oh really Lance? seems to me that you don't have any percent for retaining your world title

Lance: What percent?

Bobby: Oh just that I'm 100% sure that you will lose

*Solar and Richard walk in*

Solar: I wouldn't bet on that Bobby because you have a tendency to be wrong

Richard: Look, lets get right down to point that we all know who's gonna win and that's gonna be me

Bobby: See that's were your wrong Richard you want to claim anything but in reality it's not true

Richard: Bobby, Now I would slap you in the face but then I get my hands dirty

Bobby: At least I don't look like a marshmellow with a purple wig.....


Bobby: Make me, this monday,on nitro

Richard Oh It.Is.On

Atomic: Okay I'm outta here *Leaves*
EWA Backstage Fallout EP.2
So I decided to Re-name the series EWA Backstage Fallout so I don't receive copyright
*Pryo goes off*

Mike: Thank you and Welcome to Friday Night Nitro! We have a packed house here tonight just waited to get this show started.

Rio: Well lets not keep them waiting.

*Darius theme plays*

Mike: And here comes the The United States champion and Rio on Nitro we saw him beat Razor.

Rio: Yeah Darius is in weird mood but if your Darius then you don't care what mood your in.

Darius: *Grabs a mic* Let me get one thing straight before I start on nitro I pinned Razor 1 2 3 in the ring now here he comes crying to GM asking for a rematch but here's the thing I don't care for Razor nor do i give a damn about him but if he wants a rematch with me then got it.....I'm not waiting till Extreme Rules to kick your ass Razor I wanna do it Right now......But by order of the General manager Razor and me can not meet each other till Extreme Rules.

*crowd boos*

Darius: Yeah I know it sucks but hey This means that I can train till Extreme Rules comes....I mean really Razor? You had to get a restraining order on me I mean come on man...

*Razor's theme plays*

Mike: Well Razor has had enough of what Darius saying here.

Razor: Are you kidding me? Your little punk self can never ever beat me but I'm glad that I won't see you again till Extreme Rules There I will take your United States Title.

Darius: You know since I was out as you would say running my mouth,I know the reason why you don't want to fight me You're scared! That's it! You're scared that someone is standing up to you and that someone is me.But you see if don't want to fight then that's okay but I guess that makes you a........pussy.

*Darius theme plays*

Mike: Wow talk about that did you think that set the tone it?

Rio: I mean yeah I mean I didn't see that one coming totally unexpected

Mike: Man did not see that one coming but Mares and colts up next it's Hurricane Jr. up against Soarin jr.

Rio: Yep two Wonderbolts here going against each other and Mike don't forget about the stipulation here.

Mike: If Hurricane can beat Soarin here he gets the title shot and that is up next!
Mike: Welcome back to Friday Night Velocity!

*Soarin jr theme plays*

*Bell Rings*

TJ: The follow contest schedule for one fall introducing first from Ponyville he is the Intercontinental Champion Soarin Jr.!

Mike: You wanna talk about Ego you got him if you want talk about cockyness you got him if you want to talk about anything you got him.

Rio: Yeah Soarin Jr. Has egotisic mind if you wanna say.

*Hurricane Jr. theme plays*

Tj: And his opponent from Clousdale, Representing Motor City Machine Guns, Hurricane Jr!

Mike: And just think about Rio if Hurricane get the win here he gets the title shot.

Rio: Yeah your right about that Mike so uh Soarin here better watch out for Hurricane here.

*Bell rings*

Mike: And here we go our first match of the night and it start with Jr here putting Hurricane into a headlock.

Rio: Looks like Hurricane is trying to fight his way out of it but Soarin still hanging on here

Mike: Now Hurricane throws Soarin off of him and follow that up with a impressive dropkick

1....2....Soarin kicks out

Rio: Impressive dropkick and heading right into the cover

Mike: I like the way Hurricane is trying to tired Soarin out here by making him kick out

Rio: Yep that great strategy by him

Mike: And now going for a suplex but Soarin block but hurricane blocks it again and hits it

1..2...Soarin kicks out

Mike: And again Soarin kicks out

Rio: Once again we see him using that strategy

Mike: And now Hurricane going to the top rope here

Rio: Maybe be trying to go for a missile dropkick

Mike: But Soarin hits the enziguri off the top rope and looks like he could for the tiger powerbomb but Hurricane reverse it and is going his finsher!

Rio: Uh oh watch out here

Mike: Falcon's Arrow!


*Bell rings*

Mike: And Hurricane gets the title shot!

TJ: Your winner Hurricane jr.!

Rio: What a match

Mike: And what impressive win here but watch out-

Rio: Well I guess Jr. ain't too happy about that win

Mike: Now this is unnecessary and wait a minute.....oh don't do this!

Rio: Come on now...

Mike: And oohh! Oh my celestia.... Soarin just hit the Piledriver on Hurricane Jr.

*Fire cracker theme plays*

Mike: And here comes FireCracker!

Rio: And he is not happy

Mike: Your right about that partner and Swift firing off shot and hits a German suplex

Rio: And Jr. is getting out of there

Mike: Yeah Soarin wants nothing to do with swift

FireCracker: *grabs a mic* That's it! I've had enough of you Soarin I've had enough you thinking that your the best that you get everything handed to can insult me,you can be a crappy wrestler,but when take out my team mate,my friend, then you crossed the line pal.....Just as Hurricane would the same for me I do it for him so in honor of being close brothers I'm taking that match at Extreme Rules and its gonna be a hard core match

*FireCracker theme plays*

Mike: Woah did you hear that?!

Rio: Yep i did Mike we got a another match at Extreme Rules

Mike: You better watch you back Jr. because now he's gotta match with Firecracker swift!


Mike: Back here on Velocity here and moments ago Rio we saw Hurricane get carried away to the hopsitial here and we hope that we can further info on him at the moment

Rio: Yeah you could see that Soarin here went too far as too piledrive hurricane here and I say this Mike if lost the match you lost there should be no reason to that

Mike: Well your right there partner but up next is our tag match is up next

*Sky and Alex theme plays*

*bell rings*

Tj: The following is a tag team match introducing first, from cloudsdale Sky blitz,Alex blitz Bad Influence!

Mike: Well this a return match from last week on nitro when Rey and Lucky beat Bad Influence

Rio: Yeah but Sky said that win was a fluke and now wants a rematch Rey and Lucky

*Rey and Lucky theme plays*

Tj: And their opponent from Ponyville,The tag team champions, Rey Mash, Lucky Strike, The Young Bucks!

Mike: And how bout the new for the tag team champions

Rio: I like the name seems to fit for our champs here

Mike: And it will be Sunday at Extreme Rules where  The Young Bucks will take Bad Influence for the Tag Team Championship

*Bell Rings*

Mike: And starting off this tag match is Lucky and Alex and Lucky goes right for headlock then following up with a take down

Rio: Alex here trying to get out of the headlock here but lucky is still hold on here

Mike: Now Alex throws lucky off of him and tries to for a dropkick but Lucky dodges it and goes for a knee drop

Rio: Very effective mover by Lucky here and Mike as you said these two are studying each other

Mike: Yeah These guys will face each other at Extreme Rules but right now Lucky is tagging in Rey and now Rey is taking control of the match

Rio: Well Rey could be going for something maybe a suplex

Mike: Rey now going his brother Chavo's Triple Suplex and Hits the first,now the second,and finally hits the third one

Rio: Uh oh Watch out Rey is going for the Frog splash

Mike: But sky pushes him off of there and Lucky is now getting into the match

Rio: And Lucky throws sky out of the ring and watch Rey here

Mike: Here comes The 619!


*Bell rings*

TJ: Your winners,the tag team champions, The Young Bucks!

Mike: Well i think we know what's gonna happen at Extreme Rules

Rio: We sure know mike

Mike: But we have a fatal-4-way up next!
Mike: Welcome back to Friday night velocity!

Tj:The following contest is a fatal-4-way match is schedule for one fall

*tech dust theme plays*

TJ: Introducing first,from cloudsdale,Tech Dust!

Mike: The younger and youngest of the Dust family and the most unique out of them all

Rio: Yeah this guy has it all heart,passion, and pretty much everything

*Eddie's theme plays*

TJ: And from the Everfree forest, Eddie Do!

Mike: What is on the Mind of Eddie after that match with Rocket on Nitro

Rio: Well If i was Eddie I would get that loss out of my head here and focus on this match

*Alex's theme plays*

TJ: And from Ponyville, Alex Dusk!

Rio: You know I like this kid he's got the attitude

Mike: *Laughs* Yeah okay Rio...

Rio: What I'm being serious...

*AJ's theme plays*

TJ: Next from Cloudsdale, A.J.!

Rio: I don't get this dude he clams he and that....... aye aye i will never under stand this guy he always has something to say and i don't like that

Mike: Well, I don't know about that partner but I'm pretty the champ is watching this match here

*bell rings*

Mike: And here we go And Alex and Eddie already duking it out here as Alex and Eddie fall to outside and meanwhile Tech and Aj are staring down each other.

Rio: Oh man here we go

Mike: Well we were gonna see that but Alex and Eddie get back in the ring and it looks like now Tech and AJ are working together as Tech throws Eddie outside and watch out!

Rio: Tech slammed Eddie's head into the announcer table and now Tech Irish whips Eddie and Eddie's head hits hard

Mike: I don't know about that partner that look like his shoulder

Rio: Yeah you could be right

Mike: And now Eddie is taking out of the match and AJ hits a clothsline on Tech Dust

Rio: Wait a minute I thought They was working together?

Mike I thought so too

Mike: And here comes the Skull crushing finale on Tech Dust

Rio: But watch out here comes Alex!

Mike: A-Rod from Alex and Eddie is Back up And hits the T-Bone suplex!


*bell rings*

*Eddie's theme plays*

T.j.: Your winner Eddie Do!

Mike: What a win for Eddie

Rio: Like I said he needed to shake off that loss and he did so tonight

Mike: Well up next is our main event!
Mike: Welcome back to Friday Night velocity!

*Rocket's theme plays*

*Bell Rings*

T.J.: The following contest schedule for one is a mixed tag team match! Introducing first,from Ponyville,The Phenomenal Rocket Dash and the Divas Champion,Angel!

Mike: First time we see these two in action together lets see what they can do

*Tyler theme plays*

T.J.: And their opponent, from ponyville Tyler Scratch And Rave!

Mike: Tyler Scratch and Rave have a unique bond between each other

Rio: Yeah that's consists of playing music and have parties all night

Mike: *laughs* Yeah you might be right on that

Rio: *laughs* just saying

*bell rings*

Mike: And here we go our first mix tag team match here and it starts out with Angel and Rave going at it and Angel starts with a headlock and then a takedown

Rio: A win for either person would bring them momentum this sunday

Mike: Yeah your partner but right now Rave tags in Tyler forcing Angel to release and tag in Rocket And Rocket watch out!

Rio: Woah A flying forearm smash by Rocket and throws Tyler on to the floor here and oh my!

Mike: And Rocket flew to the outside here taking both men out and Angel and Rave are going at it and now Angel throws Rave into the air and she lands hard

Rio: And looks what she's going for!

Mike: Twist Of Fate!


*Bell rings*

T.J.: Your winners Angel and Rocket!

Mike: What an impressive win by these two plenty of momentum heading into Extreme Rules

Rio: Yep your right about that

Mike: Mares And Colts what will happen next week on Velocity? Find out next week on Friday Night Velocity!

*End of Show*

Rocket Dash 1st theme song
Video belongs to creator.
ok just got a new hard drive and got 2 games free with it spongebob: Lights,Camera,Pants and Spongebob: Battle For Bikni Bottom 



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i love kung fu panda and my main is focus on sonic and this. NEXT SOUL EATER COMICS! then on SLY COOPER

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